Delve into the Psyche of Twenty-Eight Year Old Confused Woman

Welcome to my page of thoughts, anxieties and whatever else is filled in a twenty-somethings mind (generally fear of growing up).

It has taken me longer than I would like to admit to compile this page and that’s when there are only twelve blogs available.  I think now is the time I should accept that I am no longer down with the kids that magnified the issue didn’t it?  Anywho, my blog is going to be surrounding what I go through, what I observe, and how I deal with situations, which if I’m honest generally isn’t fantastic.  Due to my terrible life skills and deep seeded opinions (well, until I think of it another way) you should potentially have some cracking reading available.

If I am wrong in these assumptions please tell me, I don’t want to live a lie any more than I already do.

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