Once a Victim Now a Survivor Award

Thank you so much Lovely Wounded Lady who has nominated me for this wonderful award, her blogs are so powerful so please check her out.  It means so much to me as this is the first time that I have spoken about what has happened to me to anyone, even some of my closest friends.  So to have that recognised by such wonderful people has made me even more determined to share my story and raise awareness of domestic violence.  The more we speak about our experiences the more we will encourage others that what has happened is not their fault leading to more prosecutions and therefore leading to fewer attacks.

This award is for those who have gone through mental illness of any kind, abuse, trauma, and especially PTSD.  Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Nominate 5 – 10 bloggers to pass the award to.
  3. Post questions for your nominees to answer (You may use the same as these below)
  4. Inform your nominees and post a comment in their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

My nominees for this award are:

Here are the questions for my nominees.  Feel free to skip any questions that you want to.  You can fill in your own questions as you feel appropriate.

  1. What does blogging mean to you?
  2. How has blogging changed how you view life?
  3. Why would you recommend blogging to someone who suffered from mental illness?

My answers:

  1. In what way do you feel that blogging can help people with psychological trauma or mental illness?

I have always found that diary writing (this is how I view my blogs) has always been a great outlet for my feelings.  I have always struggled to talk to people about how I feel as I fear the rejection of my thoughts, therefore writing my thoughts down enabled me to figure out what I was feeling and why.  It was a source of calm when I would sit every night to write down my feelings for the day whether they were positive or negative.  Blogs have allowed me to let people into my diary and my thoughts, it has enabled me to accept help and achieve praise from people for speaking out.  This has been a relatively new venture for me and I sat with my finger suspended over the upload button for my blog ‘My Journey through Domestic Violence’.  It was a hard decision as there were only a few people in my life that knew what had happened to me.  I cannot express the relief of setting my story free and being able to live without something like this hovering over me.  Anyone who has suffered any form of trauma or who suffers with mental illness would wholeheartedly benefit from writing whether they decide to set it free to the world or keep it for themselves.  Writing is something that is recommended to most people who suffer forms of mental illness as it is a great source of relief.

If you feel like you can’t comprehend your feelings you are not alone.  As someone who suffers from anxiety, I have a million thoughts running through my mind constantly it is hard to focus on any of them, writing allowed me to understand myself.

  1. How has blogging helped you with your healing, or your personal journey?

Blogging allowed me to use my time productively.  Having anxiety leaves me at home a lot of the time due to my continuous ‘What if?’ lifestyle.  I generally question my decisions so much so that I rarely venture out, but I am working on it.  Due to this I would be left at home over thinking absolutely everything that I could, blogging gave me an escape and something else to concentrate my ever awake mind on.  It has allowed me to weigh up my anxieties after reading my thoughts back and it has let me see that sometimes my overactive mind is just that and not warning me of possible dangers.  Without my blog, I wouldn’t have been able to release my secret of domestic violence and mental illness.  I know that a lot of people wonder why I don’t attend their functions or constantly let them down, I am a flake of the highest standard.  I could never let them know because I felt ashamed, yet after receiving so many positive responses for my blog I realise that if people know what position you are in then your burden is that much lighter.

If you allow people in you will realise that you are not alone, that you should never be ashamed because it is not your fault.  My mental illness stemmed from my experience in a domestic violence relationship, I am slowly getting help and finding the right path to feel like me again.  Blogging has been my saviour in many ways.

  1. What books, movies, or YouTube channels would you recommend to someone with a similar background to you?

I personally struggle with anything that doesn’t raise a smile in me, so I predominantly chose literature that allows you to see that as much as mental illness has it negative sides that it in no way rules your entire being.

My first books is Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor by Alyson Herzig and Jessica Azar.  It is an emotional yet humorous read and will leave you with a different view on a disease that is regularly labelled as a 24/7 miserable state of affairs.

Sometimes though we need a hard hitting story to enable to see the true colours of mental illness and this one does the job.  My second book is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.  I chose this as I read a lot of her poems during my first year at university and when I found out that her only book was a semi-autobiography about her journey through depression I had to read it.  The reason I have added this is due to the secrecy of her name initially, it was released in 1967 and not only did she not reveal that the novel was about her life she even gave a pseudonym.  To me, this shows how mental illness awareness has moved on and we no longer feel like we have to hide our illness like we would have had to in the sixties and before.  Plath gave an honest and deep portrayal of the struggles of depression.  Unfortunately, she committed suicide merely a month after publication.  However, we should use her material and spread the word.  If people were more aware of the dark corners people are forced into then we would be able to help others.  Accept that mental health is a big issue in our society, don’t make fun of it or dismiss people’s feelings.  Help where you can and just be there for a person.

Thank you again for my nomination and good luck to everyone.  Every single blog that I have read has brought a tear to my eye and a leap in my heart.  There are so many unbelievably strong, wonderful people out there who are unknowingly helping silent sufferers everywhere.  Keep up the fantastic work and congratulations to everyone for having the courage to tell your stories, you are all inspirational.


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