Divas in Defense – Your Daily Diva

So as I was checking all of my social network sites last night (this takes a hell of a lot more time than it used to!) I was bowled over by a tweet from @divasindefense.  I had never heard of this website and after becoming the female Sherlock Holmes I found that they are an amazing company who aid women in self-defense.

Their tagline reads,

‘It is our missions to empower women of all ages with the training and tools imperative to their personal safety and the safety of their family. Through fun and instinctive learning; women gain the knowledge to protect and arm themselves while gaining confidence to be Fierce & Fabulous’

When reading the back story to this company I was amazed at the dedication to the cause.  The founders are two brothers who saw domestic violence first hand, after having their own daughters they pledged to keep them safe even if they weren’t there to do so.  I applaud their venture and believe that if more women were given the confidence to protect themselves that there would be a drop in attacks.  We are brought up with the view that men are stronger than we are and that we are defenseless against them.  Yet with these skills women and girls will be able to use tactics in order to escape such brutal situations.

Divas in Defense is located in Atlanta, Georgia and you can find more information at their website where they also dedicate a page to Victim Resources.  They really have made an incredibly important business that will help so many women feel like they can do anything.

The reason for my tweet excitement was the link that was attached to it, they had chosen my blog to feature on their Your Daily Diva web page.  There they share people’s stories of survival and courage, this left me feeling extremely humbled by their decision to choose me.  Not only do they help to prevent domestic violence, but they help the people who have been through it.  To me, this was my approval, that I was right to share my story and that somewhere out there I may be helping someone. 

I can’t thank the guys at Your Daily Diva for how they have made me feel, It is just so wonderful knowing that I have been chosen with these other amazing women to talk about how we got through.

Check it out if you get the chance and please read the other women’s stories as they are incredibly open and honest.

If you have a scroll down this >>> page <<< you should be able to find my blog ‘My Journey Through Domestic Violence’.


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