My 8 Photos of Happiness

Thank you to the wonderful, talented and beautiful Ms Mistry for tagging me in to join the ‘My 8 Photos of Happiness’ fun and games.  I am beyond excited as I absolutely love photos and the memories they bring back, which meant a good three hours mulling over hundreds of photos while laughing, crying and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I found a brow pencil in 2010!

The rules:

  • Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post
  • Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness
  • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy
  • Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking
  • Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers

So, here goes…

This shows how much my life had changed after my relationship with a violent man. It still makes me smile with pride that I escaped and was so well looked after by my housemates. To this day that house share was the best experience of my life.

This picture is one of the first taken after moving into a houseshare five years ago.  My friends took me in after my break up with the man who was violent and cruel to me for three years. I look at this picture and laugh my ass off every time. I had been sat with one of my friends having brews (as always!) and I found some face paints that belonged to one of the lads I lived with. At the time, one of my other housemates was smoking weed in his room that was stinking the house out. So I decided to paint my face and pretend like nothing was there when he came down. I would never be able to give this story any justice as it really was a ‘You had to be there’ moment. All I can really say is that I have never seen someone near to the brink of tears through paranoia, and it made me so happy because I was living and having fun for the first time in a very long time.


These are my amazing best friends Sophie and Kayleigh aka Dude and Wailey (I don’t know why!).  I have been friends with these girls from being four years old and they are the ones who saved me when I needed them the most and the ones who still save me when I need them.  To me, they are my heroes in their own ways and I have spoken about them previously in my blog posts.  This is from my very first night out after splitting up with my ex, I had never worn a dress out and I had never been out clubbing. I was absolutely ecstatic and this led to many months of partying.  The best times of my life were living with these beautiful women and having so much fun that I would wake up with sick on my floor – PARTY ON! 😛


Meet my big brother Dan.  He is insanely fun to hang out with and we are lucky enough to have the same circle of friends too. It hasn’t always been fun and games of course, he has thrown me down the stairs when we were kids, tried to push me into a fire (However, not smart enough to see the fire guard – doofus.). The best one of the bunch was of course when I was brought home from the hospital and he asked when I was going back.  Don’t worry, I got my own back from time to time. My favourite being waxing a patch of his leg when he was drunk – score! He will always look out for me and will always try to make sure that the world is kind to me no matter what it takes. We look out for each other and that’s what I love about our relationship.


Three drunken idiots. This is mine and my brother’s best friend Steve and his vague attempt at having to deal with the both of us. Steve has been my friend for over ten years and randomly met my brother somewhere down the line. They became more than best friend, they are there for each other through the good times and the bad. They make me laugh just watching them argue like an old married couple. To me Steve is family and so is his wife Amanda, we all take care of each other and will be stuck with each other for life.


Quite possibly the most unflattering picture of myself and Cerri, but it was all for a good cause. This was on the wedding day of our gorgeous friend Amanda to the goof on the left in the previous photo. Amanda was having her makeup touched up before we left for the ceremony and had to take a moment to get some air. Cerri and I decided that she needed cheering up so this is mid ‘Oooouuuush’ Keith Lemon style proceeding to then tell her she was ‘well fit’. Needless to say, it cheered her up and the wonderful photographers came flying in to capture the moment. I was absolutely over the moon when Amanda asked me to be a bridesmaid and I had a fantastic time at her wedding. To this day, I have never been to such a mad, raucous wedding and drank so much that I completed my ‘Bridesmaid Duties’ shall we say. It was hilarious, emotional and spectacular, just like my friendship with her. She has been my rock many times and the woman who will always be at my door when I need her.


This is my amazing boyfriend Paul and the first photo we had together. I’ll be honest, this is by no means an organic picture, this occurred after I had a ten-minute drunken rant that we had no photos of us. After swaying for a while and half a pint of lager later I managed to persuade him to take this. Turns out that drunken photos are the best. I love this photo because it is one of our firsts in our relationship and one that I can look at and smile at how bloody bossy I was so early on. He must love me as he still continues to let me do things like this when I am in boss mode (I have quite literally just kicked him out of bed so that I can blog in peace). I am a very lucky woman to have this man in my life.


My curled up bundle of grumpy old man. Please let me introduce you to the best dog in the world. I am sure a lot of you will disagree and that’s cool with me, he only ever needed to know that we thought that about him and he loved that. Jack, or Squiggles as I used to call him, was a spur of the moment purchase when I was eighteen years old. In hindsight, I think it was an act of rebellion as I was told that I couldn’t have one when growing up, and there was fair enough reason. Even at the age of eighteen I left my dog in the care of my mother, I was there and able but I just wanted the cuddles. Thankfully my Mum fell in love with him immediately and took him on with few complaints. He was a great dog because he was there when I needed him most, when I came home for two weeks after breaking up with my boyfriend and he never left my side. I love this picture because this is how he used to cuddle up with me in bed while fitting into my nook so we could do some serious snuggling. He was stubborn, grumpy and did what he wanted, but he could sense when you needed him. Unfortunately he passed away three months ago and it was the worst day because I had to be there when it happened, I had to watch my mother sob until she couldn’t breath and hold him until he stopped breathing. Even three months on I am sat here crying while writing this, but he deserves every tear and every happy thought because he truly was the best dog in the world. RIP Squiggles.


Initially I was going to post a picture of my beloved Tassimo machine, a case of sugarfree redbull or a tub of olives, but this surpasses all of that. My dream has always been to write and it started in primary school when we were given the chance to dabble in creative writing. During the summer holidays I began penning thrillers that mainly surrounded the one horror movie I had seen (There was a lot of killer phone calls thanks to Scream). All of my reports alway mentioned my great imagination and I never gave it a second thought. My interest grew again after getting engrossed in Sex and the City and making the decision that I wanted to move to New York for six months to write. It hasn’t happened yet, but I still have it at the forefront of my mind to do one day. My blog is the beginning of my dream, along with the English degree I am in the middle of doing. I changed my entire life around two years ago (to the day actually) and applied for college to gain access to University. I have wanted a degree for a very long time and I have chosen one in the hopes that it will increase my chances of living my dreams. This life changing decision has brought me knowledge, confidence, friends (boyfriend included) and the opportunity to learn from some amazing teachers. If you have a dream, a goal or whatever you want to call it, go for it because life is short and it really could change your life.

So, now that you have seen/read my life story in photos it is time to see someone elses:

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I can’t wait to see your happiness in photos, tweet me when they are up. Have fun guys 🙂

6 thoughts on “My 8 Photos of Happiness

  1. I like all the photos – special memories! My favourite has to be the photo of Jack, the sweetest and craziest dog ever. My son decided he should be called Ben and still gets confused as to who Jack was and I have to say Ben/Jack before he realises who I’m talking about! 😀

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