Twenty-Nine and Finally Understand Skincare…Sort of.


As a teenager, I was never one for looking after my skin and spent countless mornings waking up with panda eyes and very questionable streaks on my forehead. Thankfully, I started working at Boots (for anyone who doesn’t know it’s a huge box sized shop that you will find everywhere in England filled with pharmaceuticals and every beauty item you could ever need).

When I first started at Boots I thought toner was the thing that you put in the photocopier and a skincare routine was for the mature lady and as I was only 21 and had no wrinkles to deal with I had no interest in it. My makeup was in a similar state as I went to work with what looked like talcum powder paste, sharpie pen eyebrows and mascara so clumpy that I only looked to have three lashes on each lid. As I made friends in the stores I worked in I began to realise that there was a lot more to this skincare malarky (and that toner went on your face – who knew?).



The further I got in my career there the more conferences and meetings I went to that introduced me to so many different types of makeup and skincare that I didn’t even know existed. This was also around the time that most of my wages went towards making me look less like the above picture. I even learnt about eyebrow dying (thank God!) and waxing. It was a magical time.

Since then I had kept the same skincare routine up until recently when I discovered there was more to life than just the Garnier selection or Soap and Glory when I was being ‘fancy’. In my mind I was never going to go anywhere near the large counters at the front of Boots stores as I often watched as the higher class individuals bought their products from there and knew it wasn’t for me.

How friggin’ ridiculous? After getting over myself I went off to the local Boots recently (where I no longer work and have no discount – the pain) and spoke to an amazing woman on the Lancome counter who did her job beautifully as I left £100 lighter and no idea how it had happened. Crap.

In the months that followed I spent most of my disposible income on skincare and makeup (I quit smoking and rather than becoming an adult who saved I became an adult with another addiction). The thing I did notice when I started looking at skincare was the amount of information that I had believed all of these years was in fact a big pile of crap. I used to use Clean and Clear, Clearasil and the blemish routine from Clinique feeling reasured that my bright red, burning face meant that the products were working…I know. When attempting to decipher what would be best for my skin I gave up, threw my mobile on the floor and decided that I would just let my skin become an acne infested mess. Why you ask? There was too much information – how the hell is one person supposed to understand it all or have the funds to try the different types of moisturisers? And don’t even get me started on serums and oils (the latter scared me to death, seeing as I’m a spot prone human).

That’s when I discovered beauty blogs and vlogs, which ironically is also around the time my bank started sending me messages asking if it was really me spending in all these new places. It’s a concern when even your bank knows you have no desire to stay youthful. I found some amazing help and was able to decide which brands would work best for my skin and that oils could actually be my friend. The only issue I had was that everyone appeared to be combination with only an oily t-zone and dry skin everywhere else. Whereas my body will never let me forget the wonderful High School years and insists that I keep that memory alive with regular spots, acne scars and enough oil to fill your car.

This is when I decided that I would do a few blog posts on the skincare that I have been using along with how they performed on my slip and slide face. I will continue to update as I try more products and hope that it helps the oily girls and boys out there. I am well aware that there are more trained people that can help you in this area, but if you are anything like myself you may not have the stamina to listen to all of the information (yes, I am extrememley impatient). This was you can save the jargon that we both know we don’t understand and allow me to make the mistakes or find the hidden gems.

I can not wait to do this as I also can’t think of anything better than an excuse to buy new skincare products (My bank should be concerned…more so when we move over to makeup).

The skincare blogs will be updated every Monday evening (Starting 21/3/16) and I’ll also be introducing a makeup series for oily skin once I’ve used all of the products enough to form an opinion on whether they slip off my face or not.

See you soon guys.



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