What Adele’s ‘Hello’ has done to me

We have all been either forced into listening or desperately downloaded Adele’s new song ‘Hello’. I was the latter as I have an obsession with songs that depress me to the point of re-evaluating my entire life and this track … Continue reading

Divas in Defense – Your Daily Diva

So as I was checking all of my social network sites last night (this takes a hell of a lot more time than it used to!) I was bowled over by a tweet from @divasindefense.  I had never heard of … Continue reading

Once a Victim Now a Survivor Award

Thank you so much Lovely Wounded Lady who has nominated me for this wonderful award, her blogs are so powerful so please check her out.  It means so much to me as this is the first time that I have … Continue reading

My Journey Through Domestic Violence

I was twenty years old and still hated every single thing about myself.  Not only was I ashamed of my body, but I was also ashamed of the person I was, uninteresting, boring and to be quite honest I just … Continue reading