My First Oily Experience

So, I went for a mini break during the half-term (I’m a student – have I told you that?) and I decided that the break would consist of nothing but relaxation. I succeeded if you were wondering and I achieved … Continue reading

Ten Things you should know About Writer’s Block

1.You will eat a lot. Seriously. No matter who you are you will not be able to escape the cruel hands of the junk food         cravings. It feels like it could help and you start to … Continue reading

The Affair

Realisation hit me hard like a football in the playground, I couldn’t carry this on any longer.  It was affecting everything in my life and I just couldn’t stop.  I would sit at work counting down the hours until we … Continue reading

Divas in Defense – Your Daily Diva

So as I was checking all of my social network sites last night (this takes a hell of a lot more time than it used to!) I was bowled over by a tweet from @divasindefense.  I had never heard of … Continue reading

Top Ten First World Problems for a Girl on the Hottest Day of the Year

Hair Styling: When exiting my freezing shower I began to tremble with fear.  Not long from now I will have to attempt blow drying my hair, which in reality will be a lot cooler than the air that I am … Continue reading

Cybersex Anyone?

Why is it that in the space of 10 years we have gone from picking up guys in bars to receiving cybersex requests from Indonesia? Where did the ‘Spark’ go?  I have vivid, fond memories of the spark.  That feeling … Continue reading